Holdren Strategic Communications

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Introducing Energy Communications Training

In addition to my energy and crisis communications consulting practice, I’m excited to announce a new venture: Energy Communications Training. The energy industry is unique and energy development in the U.S. has never been more targeted and scrutinized. As the name of this new company would indicate, this endeavor is dedicated solely to providing energy industry employees the skills they need to effectively communicate on behalf of the industry in any situation - while avoiding costly delays and even legal action. More than 2,000 industry employees - from rig hands to CEOs - have participated in our courses already and a remarkable 99.5% of those participants have said they’d refer our courses to others in the industry. These sessions provide enormous value and I'm proud to offer them to a broader audience. 

A New Adventure


After nearly 10 fantastic years with Pure Brand Communications, I’m excited to announce that I’ve spun off our reputation management and training business to form Holdren Strategic Communications. While we’ll operate independently from Pure, the plan is to work together on select pieces of business.

We will focus on providing strategic communications services – including strategy development, reputation/issues management and communications/media training – to clients who operate in highly complex, regulated and/or controversial environments.

Please update my contact information to larry@larryholdren.com and 303-506-2687.

I look forward to working with many of you in the future!